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St Albert Community Events

3 Days That Changed... Everything!

Event Description:
Participation in every promise of God is dependent on what we believe about the death and resurrection of Jesus. Believing the biblical account of His death from the cross to the throne is the basis for New Covenant faith. Salvation wasn’t finished on the cross; salvation was finished after Jesus sat down at the right hand of the Father and received the inheritance. On April 4th to 6th transform your faith like never before as you discover 3 Days That Changed… Everything! with Dr. Jim Richards and Clint Byars. This Doxa Canada Ministries Conference will prove to be a tremendous opportunity for every believer who desires to live in resurrection power! Apr 4 7-9pm, Apr 5 9am-9-pm, and Apr 5 10:30am to Noon.

Venue: Radisson Hotel Edmonton South

Address: 4440 Gateway Blvd.

City: Edmonton


Event Dates: Apr 04, Apr 05, Apr 06,